At Sanford Middle School Math, Science, & Technology Magnet we aim to develop students to be well-rounded in academics and extra curricular activities, as well as, provide students with an opportunity to inquire, take risks, be knowledgeable, and be real-world thinkers. Students work in a safe and supportive learning environment and are able to explore a variety of courses in STEM fields.


  • Courses in Aeronautics that focus on the history and development of aviation
  • Practical applications of aviation using interactive computer flight simulators
  • Challenging STEM lessons on the science of aeronautics (navigation and flight)
  • Introduction to Avionics, Introduction to Aviation Maintenance, and Physics of Flight (Drones)


Graphical Programming of LEGO Mindstorm Robots

  • Foundation of the sensors and capabilities of the LEGO Mindstorm robotics system and design and program a robot to complete a task

Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering

  • Build, understand, and utilize simple machines to solve a real-world problem
  • Research, design, and construct structures and electrical devices to meet a human need