At Sanford Middle School Math, Science, & Technology Magnet we aim to develop students to be well-rounded in academics and extra curricular activities, as well as, provide students with an opportunity to inquire, take risks, be knowledgeable, and be real-world thinkers. Students work in a safe and supportive learning environment and are able to explore a variety of courses in STEM fields.


  • Practice performing common veterinary procedures
  • Pre-vet 3 students regularly attend class at the Central Florida Zoo
  • Career exploration by interacting with a variety of animal professionals
  • Animal classification and adaptations of major animal groups
  • Exploration of invertebrate and vertebrate anatomy through dissections


  • Introduction to health career pathways and guest speakers from the medical field
  • History of medicine and foundations in HIPAA and medical law & ethics
  • Disease control and prevention
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the human body