The SCPS Pre-International Baccalaureate Prep program is available to academically challenge students and to help prepare students for honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate high school courses/program.

  • The SCPS Pre-IB Prep program is usually taken by college-bound students who want to be academically challenged and to be immersed in an accelerated program.
  • These courses follow a different, more rigorous and faster paced curriculum than the standard level course strand.
  • No entrance requirements are mandated, however, students are required to maintain a 3.0 (B average) to remain in the program. There is support to assist students who experience some difficulty and every effort is made to ensure the success of our students. Successful completion of the SCPS Pre-IB Prep program at Sanford Middle will allow acceptance into the IB program at Seminole High or Winter Springs High based on zoning criteria.
  • Application forms are available in all elementary and middle school guidance offices and at the Educational Support Center.
  • Bus transportation is provided to all students living more than 2 miles from the school.
  • SCPS Pre-IB Prep teachers follow the course-specific Scope & Sequence.
  • Community Service—the goal of community of service in a SCPS Pre-IB program should be to develop a service mind-set. Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 Community Service hours per year, 10 of which may be completed in the summer prior to the upcoming school year. This can be done when it is incremental and transitional, and when we give students the opportunity to do community service. Middle School students should be provided a community service environment that is safe and fosters the sense of service. Community service opportunities at school provides a safe environment.

The advantages of the International Baccalaureate program include:

  • Rigorous academic preparation for college
  • An internationally recognized diploma honored by colleges and universities throughout the world
  • Advanced placement and course credit (as much as one year) in many prestigious colleges and universities
  • Examinations based on international standards and evaluated by international educators
  • Curriculum taught from a global perspective incorporating the best educational elements from around the world
  • A sense of accomplishment in meeting the challenge of an international standard of excellence
  • Participation in an interdisciplinary team of dedicated students
  • A world class education in Seminole County