Mission & Vision

We aim to develop students to be well-rounded in academics and extra curricular activities, as well as, provide students with an opportunity to inquire, take risks, be knowledgeable, and be real-world thinkers. Students work in a safe and supportive learning environment and are able to explore a variety of courses in STEM fields such as: Engineering, Pre-Medical, Gaming, Pre-Veterinarian, Herpetology, Physics, Aeronautics, Web Development, Biotechnology, Engineering Design, Robotics, Marine Biology, Public Relations & Branding, and many more!

Vision (What we hope to become)

The school where every student is a STEM student and every teacher is a STEM teacher.

Mission (Why we exist)

There is an increasing need in Florida and throughout the country, to ensure students have the future ready skills to compete in a globally competitive economy and meet the needs of the workplace. The future of the economy is in STEM related careers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that employment in STEM occupations are projected to grow more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. The mission of Sanford Middle School Math, Science, & Technology Magnet is to develop a more widely and diversely populated pipeline of students, with future ready skills, interested in STEM careers in an innovative, safe, and supportive learning environment. Where every student can think critically, and connect and apply STEM principles in order to solve real-world problems, through rigorous and relevant learning experiences across all disciplines.

Values (What we believe in the whole child)

Every student deserves to be HEALTHY Every student deserves to be SAFE Every student deserves to be ENGAGED Every student deserves to be SUPPORTED Every student deserves to be CHALLENGED.