Sports Programs

Competitive/Interscholastic Sports

Sanford Middle School offers its students an interscholastic/intramural competitive athletic program that includes cross country, track, volleyball, basketball and cheerleading. Students are required to obtain/pass a physical examination from a licensed healthcare professional and provide proof of health insurance before participating. Those students who "make" the teams are to pay a registration fee. The registration fee helps to cover expenses. There are scholarships available for deserving students.


Participants are the most skilled at any grade (6th, 7th, or 8th). Once students become 16 years old, they can no longer participate. Junior Varsity participants may only be 6th or 7th grade students and once J.V. students become 15 years old, they can no longer participate. Each team/squad is encouraged to have at least one student manager and one Team Reporter. All student interscholastic sports participants must have a 2.0 GPA or greater on their most recent Report Card [fall sports would be the report card from the previous school year] to try out for a team. If a student on a team/squad falls below a 2.0 GPA on their Progress Report, they are placed on probation and monitored by their coach to ensure that their grades improve. If a student is on a team/squad and falls below a 2.0 GPA on their next Report Card, they are removed from the team. Good Character and proper sportsmanship is expected of all participants. All participants are under the requirements of the District Citizenship Policy.


Girls and Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity. Volleyball tryouts are usually the second or third week of school. We practice 2 days a week with all games on Wednesdays. Girls practice Mondays and Fridays and boys Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have 5 regular season game and county tournament.

Orlando Magic & SCPS Middle School Basketball SeriesBasketball

Girls and Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity. Basketball begins the last week of March and ends the first week of May. Tryouts are usually held before Spring Break. As with volleyball, girls practice two days a week and boys practice two days a week unless the coach opts to practice mornings then it may vary. We have 5 regular season games and county tournament.

Cross Country

Girls and Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity. Registration begins the last week of October. The season runs from October to December. We practice two days a week, Mondays and Fridays with meets on Wednesdays. We have 4 tri-meets and the county meet.

Track and Field

Girls and Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity. Registrations begin December 1st and run until December 18th. Our season begins January 1st and runs until the first week in March. We practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week. We practice girls on two days and boys on two days. All meets are on Wednesdays. We have 4 tri-meets then our county meet.


Varsity and Junior Varsity. Practices are usually three times a week with a performance at a basketball game (usually) at least once a week. Try-outs are necessary for all levels and these tryouts take place in both the spring and the fall. Usually, the Varsity and some Junior Varsity cheerleaders attend a summer camp at U.C.F. While the Cheerleaders' regular season corresponds with the volleyball season, they may cheer during the volleyball season, and there may be other cheering opportunities at parades and school functions. Cheerleaders are expected to perform at all pep rallies.

Spirit Cheerleading Squad

This Team develops cheerleading skills for students who may be interested in trying out for the school team in the future, students who do not make the school varsity or J.V. cheerleading teams, or students who are just interested in showing school spirit. All students who want to participate may at no cost. Practices are usually once or twice a week with performances at some volleyball games and pep rallies. The group also performs at various parades and peprallies in the fall and winter.

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