Clubs & Organizations

Beta Club

This is a service club for honor roll students in the seventh and eighth grades. Students are invited to be a member of the Club based on the National qualifications for membership which are: (1) must be in the 7th or 8th grade (2) must have a 3.6 GPA or better for last year and the current school year, and (3) must have satisfactory citizenship. Once a member, students are required to maintain their grades of at least four As and two Bs each nine weeks. Beta Club meets after school once a month to participate in service type projects.

AMC - 8 Competition

While this is not a club, it is a competition in which we participate.

Mu Alpha Theta Team

Students who take Algebra I or Geometry are eligible to compete in the Mu Alpha Theta competitions. We attend up to six Saturday competitions from January through March, and have weekly after school practices. Parental consent and transportation is required.

Chess Club

This club meets every week. All grade levels may attend, and all students are welcome whether they are beginners or experts.

Debate Club

This club is for students interested in learning the skills and techniques used in debate. Students will practice their skills with debates within the club while we seek other middle schools.


This club is a fast paced, hands-on, interactive, group of lab activities that hopefully inspire SMS students in the career fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Via a U.S. Navy Funded Educational Outreach Initiative and on-going Cooperative Agreement, SMS STEM Club students explore topics like Hovercrafts, Buoyancy, Gyroscopes, Holographs, Robotics and Underwater Submarines. The club is technically assisted by a NAWCTSD (Navy) Systems Engineer volunteer.

Math Club

Math Club is for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who are in advanced math. They meet once a week. Students regularly take tests and keep a running tally of their scores. The top scoring students get to represent SMS in the MATH COUNTS competition in February. Parental consent and parental transportation is required.


The SMS SECME Club is part of a national organization formed to motivate students to pursue careers in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Our goals are to provide career exploration opportunities, facilitate academic and developmental transitions from elementary school to higher education, to increase student motivation and self-esteem, and most of all to have fun! Students participate in a variety of hands on activities including bridge building, egg drop competition, and engineering a mousetrap car. All students are invited to participate in the UCF Regional SECME Competition in February.

Odyssey of the Mind Team

An extracurricular, creative, problem-solving activity open to all students at SMS that develops team work, leadership, and presentation skills. Each year, SMS teams compete to solve five long-term problems and one spontaneous challenge at regional and state competitions. Here students present an eight minute skit showing their student-designed long-term solution and demonstrate spontaneous problem-solving skills.

Robotics Club

This club is open to all who are interested in building robots. Activities include the use of Legos and building robots. Plans are being considered to host a competition with robots built by members.

Science Club

The SMS Science Club is a very active group that has fun doing a variety of science activities to include working with our outside environmental study area, utilizing sophisticated scientific technology (probes, graphic calculators, palm pilots, etc.) to study and understand our world.

Student Council

Student Council is an active group of students who take part in the planning and implementation of projects, events, and community activities. They help to promote school spirit and provide positive experiences for the student body. All grades are represented in the organization. Officers are elected each spring to serve for the next school year. Adult sponsors provide guidance. Several projects require students to come early or stay late. Parent permission is required to become a student council representative.

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